For almost two years we have seen how every country takes its measurements to fight the coronavirus. With people being mostly occupied with themselves looking over the border was not that interesting. It is only when within 100 meters away there are festivals held with 75.000 people, there is this feeling of unbelief and jealousy.

The 13th of august is the day that Belgium has allowed there to be big events with 75.000 people. This with the restrictions that everyone must have a Corona Safe Ticket which shows that visitors have been vaccinated, tested, or had corona in the last month.

Rayn a festival lover is in his mid-twenties and feels this way when ether he looks at what is happing. “I know, I know everything comes with time. Only partying is not just for fun in my case. It is a way to express myself. For the last two years I have felt alone, the thought that everybody is going through the same thing kept me going. But knowing that a border away people are doing just that within the safety rules is just upsetting. “

Where Rayn refers to is the fact that Belgium feels safe to reduce measures because of the Dutch Fieldlab test events. With the knowledge that The Netherland has had some difficulties with the numbers of covid tests going up, it is no odd step that Belgium took his opportunity to learn from their mistakes. “Do not get me wrong. I think it is a great thing that we can learn from each other’s mistakes but knowing that there is this amazing festival is going on just miles away makes me jealous, the ugly kind jealous.

“If I thought of going to Belgium? I tried for a couple of hours to get tickets for Alcatraz, just as the rest of The Netherlands I suppose because everything was sold out. It just shows that I am not the only one.” Rayn is going to the Unmuted Us protest in Utrecht on the 11thof September. Unmuted Us is a movement that stands for the event industry, which is suffering as we speak. “How is it possible that we can turn our backs to all the people that work within this branch. I do not think that people understand that culture and events mean for some people just as much as religion, sports or work.”

The Netherlands has heard these people. When announcing the reduction of restrictions there is a lot more breathing space within this branch. Bar and clubs can open again at full capacity until midnight. For the big events, it looks positive but not as positive as Rayn would like to hear.

“ I can only hope that with the numbers being even less than in Belgium right now, we are just a dance away from the life that we used to call normal. “

(Within this article the name has been changed for the sake of the safety of the source. Pictures by: Britt Heijman)

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