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Losing the athletic identity

After the end of a sports career, an athlete goes through all kinds of emotions. It also involves the development of a new identity to replace the former athlete identity. For some this change can be easier and for others more difficult.

Keep beer, coffee and conversations flowing

Situated somewhere between the concepts of social entrepreneurship, traditional charity and close to the Hermitage Amsterdam, GIST (Dutch for yeast) is a rustic hidden food, drinks and community space in Nieuwe Herengracht that manages to stay afloat.
Julia Ijmker, core team member, volunteer coordinator and “person who pays the bills on time”, talks about volunteer-run spaces and how they differ from for-profit enterprises.

Fantastic Queer Books and Where to Find Them

Have you ever wondered who is influential in bringing new books to the shelves? 
The answer might surprise you: It’s you, the reader!

Customer service officer and one of Bibliotheek Neude’s collection specialists, Marc Conraads, tells us about the impact of our reading habits – and about queer books and where he finds them.

Delivery drivers: freelances or slaves?

Delivery companies defend that delivery drivers are self-employed and have the freedom to choose when, how much and where they want to work, however, the reality is that riders have become “the new slaves of society, but in this case, the orders are given by an App,” explains the labour lawyer Alberto Bartret.

More than a muse: redefining the role of women in art

“For women it’s really hard to keep a position in in the art world, or to keep a position in art history or history itself, and how it is written.” The last decade has seen a rising debate regarding women’s representation in art. There is yet another issue lying at the other end of the spectrum of female representation in art.

Using feminine power to fight sexual harassment

More than 1 in 10 women have experienced sexual inappropriate behavior from third parties and 3,5 of women had to deal with sexual harassment by a colleague or supervisor. Female leadership coach Carla Clarissa van Stralen (44) teaches us how to take courage to stand up for ourselves and how we can use our own feminine power to fight against sexual harassment.