Silence on the dance floor, it’s okay to feel not okay

Silence on the dance floor, it’s okay to feel not okay

Empty dance floor at BAR, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Before the unprecedented pandemic outbreak, nightlife was central to the socio-cultural life of the society and a source of vivid memories for many people. For certain communities, nightlife has served as a place where they can liberate themselves in music. Due to the prolonged pandemic and its strict regulations, people are experiencing loneliness, symptoms of depression. Meanwhile, the nightlife has been completely on a pause for a year to the date, those who affiliate with the nightlife shared their opinions about mental health in the time of Covid-19.

Laura, worked at Amsterdam club; De School as a production manager

“With the pandemic, the nightlife in the Netherlands has been paused gradually. This gradual stepping down made it even more difficult to adapt. In my surroundings, people who were in the nightlife have been heavily suffering from mental health, especially loneliness and depression during a pandemic due to lack of space to look for each other. To them, it feels like there is no home to go back. I am also one of them.”

Since summer, she has been working on a new project about nature. “I was lucky to find what I would like to work on in this uncertain time.”

Laura and her friend, Marlon at their radio show; Vreemde Vogels Radio, selecting music at the Operator, Rotterdam based online radio station

Gunnar, DJ, co-owner of a record shop based in the Hague, 3345 in front of the poster Ten Toes Down; a party that he organized before the pandemic.

Recently, he works on his set to play at the online radio station, where he can only interact with the audience virtually. “I had opportunities to play at the clubs for the listening sessions during the pandemic. At first, I didn’t realize how the pause of the nightlife brought an impact to me but slowly, I felt down.”

He also shared his experience about the party that he organized before the pandemic. “It feels such a long time ago even though it only has been a year ago. It was so normal to have artists from abroad for the gig. Now, it’s impossible to think about that option. I wonder when we can go back to the dancefloor and feel safe again.”

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