Integrating to Germany: not just a challenge for immigrants

Integrating to Germany: not just a challenge for immigrants

Germany is not only the nation with the most long-term immigration in Europe but also the country with the second largest immigration worldwide. However, moving to another country is always challenging. The new environment, cultural differences, and language barriers make it hard for newcomers to identify with the new nation and to feel at home. According to the experts Martina Sauer and Heinz Ulrich Brinkmann, integration means the most equal possible participation of everyone in all important areas of social life. Therefore, the important question is: is integration in Germany successful?

In 2019, 18-year-old Mexican Mariana de la Peña came to Germany for better studying opportunities. Today she is 22 years old and studies International Business Administration in Frankfurt. 20 years earlier, Viktoria Jansen immigrated with her family after communism collapsed in Eastern Europe. As well as many other people with German roots, they came back to their country of origin looking for a better life.

In the following clip, I will be talking with Mariana and Viktoria about their experiences and how the German government could improve to make integration easier for immigrants:

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