Temptation island as a TV drug

Temptation island as a TV drug

Temptation island turning into a social meeting in Spain. Picture taken by: Susana García

Temptation Island is a tv reality show filmed in the Dominican Republic where five couples are going to test “how strong their love is”. To do so, they will be separated in two different houses, both surrounded by single men and women who will try to “tempt” them. But what’s so special about it?

First of all, it seems that this format has generated a social identification in the viewer, motivated to see what happen every week and making him/her be strongly against or in favour of the tempter, the unfaithful, the one who suffers… according to his/her own experience in love. Secondly, the protagonists are characters who do not know how to manage their emotions, who are guided by their physical appearance, who have a toxic relationship… in short, people who would tend to “sin and fall into temptation” being an infidelity that create more “morbo” or expectation.

In the following audio, young people from different countries will give their opinion on the program. Also, a media expert, Sara Padín Castro, a graduate in journalism and audiovisual communication, lecturer at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid and who also works in broadcasting for the Mediaset production company, will discuss the format and the audiences.

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