The city of non-existent ghosts

The city of non-existent ghosts

The city of Edinburgh slowly goes quiet as the sun sets. The street lights come on and the streets slowly fill with tourists looking for their chosen ghost tour. They are looking for dark stories, experiences and last but not least, ghosts. Edinburgh is supposedly the most haunted city in Europe and home to the most haunted graveyard in the world. The city is filled with ghost stories, but these ghosts are such an integral part of the city they do not have to be real. 

The city of Edinburgh is filled with dark stories. The city was cleaned out by the Plague, which killed thousands and inspired the tourist attraction ‘Real Mary King’s Close’ and helped spread the story of the Plague Doctor. That is not the only darkness hanging around in the streets of Edinburgh. During the witch hunts 400 people were dunked in the Nor Loch and when deemed a witch they were drug down to the Grass Market by their hair and set on fire. These and many more stories cloud Edinburgh in darkness, but what does this actually mean?

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