Berlin – the front line for street art

Berlin – the front line for street art

Students working on their spray paint T-shirts

Berlin’s culture and identity are deeply rooted in its street art. Berlin is a mecca for street artists from all over the world, as seen by the iconic paintings on the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the vibrant graffiti adorning old buildings. The street art landscape in the city is continuously changing, with fresh pieces appearing all the time and older ones being removed or painted over. In Berlin, street art is not only viewed as a means of self-expression but also as a means of challenging social conventions and reclaiming public areas. The city has become a popular destination for both artists and art fans due to its embrace of street art.

Short doc written, directed, edited, and produced by Kim Van den Berg and Maude Lipsett. Accompanied photographs produced and edited by Maude Lipsett.

Students, who were visiting from France, took part in a Berlin street art workshop provided by the Urban Nation museum and street artist Dejoe. After learning about bubble letters and street art theory, the students got to put their skills to work by spray painting T-shirts, tote bags, and drawing on stickers.

Berlin has street art everywhere, taking on many forms and styles to be viewed by residents, artists, visitors, and more. East Side Gallery is the best example of remaining street art from the Berlin Wall located in the Berlin-Friedrichshain neighbourhood. Nearby, Urban Spree, is a creative and collaborative artistic community which exemplifies the quintessence of street art; constant change. 

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