Has fast fashion consumed us?

Has fast fashion consumed us?

92 million tonnes. That is the amount of waste the fashion industry produces every year.

It started as something practical, humans needed clothes for protection and to stay warm. Since then, clothing and fashion has become a way for us to express our identity. However, fast fashion has become one of the biggest factors of climate change. Consumption has risen to an estimated 62 million tonnes of apparel per year and in the year of 2030, it is predicted to reach 102 million tonnes. Instead of fast fashion, we should rewind back to ’slow fashion’, minimising emissions and helping to save the planet. Slow fashion would entail developing a long-term relationship with our clothes and building a more sustainable fashion supply chain. One who has realised the importance of slow fashion is the artistic Clara Oelker. She has adopted this way of consuming and decided to boycott all fast fashion. Oelker expresses herself everyday through her clothes, making it an important part of her persona. With unique second hand pieces and self-crocheted vests, I was invited to tag along for a day in a slow fashionistas’ life.

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