Is fashion’s future genderfluid?

Is fashion’s future genderfluid?

The traditional binary understanding of gender is increasingly being challenged. This is reflected in fashion trends that are breaking down gender barriers, resulting in the rise of genderfluid clothing. During the Milan Fashion Week, that is being held this week, more designers are using their collections to explore the conversation between garments that are considered “traditionally” male and “traditionally” female.

The movement towards genderfluid fashion is part of a larger cultural shift towards greater acceptance of diversity and inclusion according to Caroline Stevenson, head of cultural and historical studies at the London College of Fashion. “As more people reject traditional gender roles and stereotypes, they are also looking for ways to express themselves through fashion without being limited by rigid gender norms.”

This culture then led to the development of genderfluid or gender-neutral fashion, a style that is not prescribed for the preferred sex. The idea is to create clothing that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity.

Many fashion brands are responding to this demand by creating genderfluid collections or by incorporating genderfluid options into their existing lines. Jiske Snoeks, co-founder of the Amsterdam based brand Nobody Has to Know is inspired by the idea that people should be able to express themselves freely without fear of judgement. “We encourage to break social boundaries, express gender identity and escape from the terror of being normal.” One of the most significant benefits of gender-neutral fashion according to Snoeks is that it is more inclusive. “Our collections are designed and curated to shatter stigmas and deconstruct stereotypes.”

However, there is still much work to be done in the fashion industry to make gender fluid fashion more accessible and mainstream. Many brands still adhere to traditional gendered clothing lines, and gender-neutral clothing is often seen as a niche market. There is also a lack of representation of gender-neutral clothing in mainstream fashion media.

It is important to note that gender-neutral fashion is not just a trend, but a movement towards greater inclusivity and diversity. “By embracing gender-neutral fashion, we can create a more accepting and inclusive society that celebrates individuality and expression, says Stevenson.”

Genderfluid fashion has the potential to be a positive step towards inclusivity in the fashion industry. It is important to continue to explore and challenge traditional gender norms in fashion and to be mindful of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in the process.

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