From pixels to paintings; AI a new era in the art world

From pixels to paintings; AI a new era in the art world

With the more and more evolving innovation called AI – artificial Intelligence –  and the latest launch of Chat GPT, there’s a new discussion on the rise. Many people working in the art world, such as musicians, artists and writers wonder what the influence of the function will be on their future. Will this development thwart most people to perform their jobs? In short, what would the influence or impact be of AI on the artworld?

AI has no capability of feeling or on an emotionally level though it’s having a huge impact on our society, it makes sure that we become more productive and smarter. The fundament of art is a pure revelation of human artistry and genius. Art has always been considered originally ours. Nobody, no other living, and breathing being is able to create art. Art allows us to express our original individuality as much as possible and leave a mark on the world. So how could AI possibly interfere with the art world?

Gerard van Westen, professor in Artificial Intelligence & Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Leiden: ‘What I think is going to happen is that Artificial Intelligence will be used as a tool to help a new art movement.’ Van Westen continues: ‘Artificial intelligence will be a source of inspiration for artists. Although it could replace forms of low arts but it could never completely take over the entire art world. Artificial Intelligence could only imitate art. For instance, if the function would imitate a painting it would not be a threat for the art world. You will always find a way to distinguish the fake from the real paintings.’

Some artists use AI to create completely random and unpredictable pieces. All this gives artists a way to express themselves.

AI gives some artists the possibility to express themselves in a completely different and unpredictable way, it’s a new way and for some artists a blessing. Peer Lomans, graduated game artist and now student game development at the HKU: ‘The opinions about this subjects are divided. I understand de dangers of the situation but I also believe that this is a good development. It really depends on how you use the function. If you work with AI as a tool to help you, I believe it could give you a lot an inspiration.’

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