How local entrepreneurs contribute to reducing food waste.

How local entrepreneurs contribute to reducing food waste.

Boerschappen Breda

Currently we are in a period where small local companies are forced to close their doors. The only firms that are allowed to be open are companies that are in the food sector. Consumers are spending more at grocery stores than ever, profit of these grocery chains have rocketed. Nevertheless, smaller local stores are suffering and forced to look for alternatives to sell their products. One of these alternatives is the organization Too Good to Go. Their mission is to inspire and motivate people to take action against food waste. The service they provide comes down to creating a platform where companies can offer their left-over products at a reduced price. But how experience these companies the need to sell their products at a reduced price? Do they see it as a benefit or as profit lost?

Boerschappen Breda

A company that is affiliated with Too Good to Go is Boerschappen. They are providing boxes with products that are directly coming from nearby farmers. Their products are known as healthy, fresh and waste free. Miranda who works at the pick-up point of Boerschappen in Breda can tell us more about their working ways and connection with Too Good to Go. She explains that it is important to choose farmers carefully and do research how they handle their products. Someone from Boerschappen will visit the farmers and check if they match with the core values of Boerschappen, if yes than a working relationship can be started.

One of the main differences with a regular grocery store is that the products of Boerschappen are offered in a pre-designed box. You have the choice between five different boxes from vegan boxes to catch of the day boxes. With packing the products, they try to use as little plastic as possible, and instead use glass or other alternatives.

Miranda explained that working with Too Good to Go came very naturally, due to the fact that they are already providing their products in boxes. Therefore, at the end of the day the boxed that are not sold, can be bought via Too Good to Go at a lower rate. For them this is not a profit loss but a contribution to the community. They are satisfied that they do not have to throw away products and can make customers happy with these boxes.

Products from Boerschappen

Miranda says that the connection with Too Good to Go has also given them more brand awareness and therefore, more customers. After doing some desk research it can indeed be stated that 90% of the people who bought a Boerschappen Too Good to Go box rated their purchase with 4 out of 5 stars. The products are highlighted with, Great Value, Great amount of food, and Friendly staff.

Too Good to Go is not only reducing waste but also providing a platform to raise brand awareness among smaller local contributors. They are creating a community where buyers and sellers can meet that have the same vision in reducing waste.

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