Corona afterparty

Corona afterparty

Corona. After two tough, sad and dark years, the high word is finally out: the corona period is over. With the disappearance of the last measures, society is almost completely ‘normal’ again. The sectors who got hit hardest during these two years are also thrilled. Together with Kim (20), who is an employee at club NYX in Amsterdam, we are walking towards the city center where all the magic happens.

Last week Kim was able to enjoy the nightlife as usual. The well-known parties Vodka Wednesday, NYX on Thursday with themes such as Sugar Daddy, Slip Hazard and Sandpaper and the Saturday night 3XNYX edition are all back and busier than ever before. Kim: ‘You can really see that the audience is enjoying themselves immensely and that it is more crowded on weekdays than before’.  It is therefore not surprising that the Wednesday evening edition now continues until 4 AM instead of the original time of 1 AM, according to Kim.

According to the Trimbos Institute (2022), all this joy and conviviality also comes with new risks. ‘Going out after Corona’ causes more catching up behaviour/disinhibition, more and more expensive alcohol use, overstimulation, more use of drugs and a low tolerance. Many clubs will also have to find new door and bar staff because they have had to let many employees go during the corona pandemic. Fortunately, this doesn’t go up for Kim, luckily Kim was able to keep her job. Normally Kim is working but not tonight, tonight she is going wild on the dance floor. As it slowly gets busier and I shoot the last pictures, we also order some shots and make our way to the dance floor to have an unforgettable evening.

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