Group behaviour during COVID-19

Group behaviour during COVID-19

It’s been already nine months since the coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan. The world has suffered the loss of more than one million people in this period, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkin University. Due to the corona measures, the daily life we used to know changed completely. In some countries people started protesting against the restrictions and frustration was caused.  

An article of the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, shows stressful life events, such as those instigated by the coronavirus pandemic, have significant influence on an individuals psychological functioning and well-being. Psychological problems, such as anxiety, social withdrawal, confusion and depression can be caused. Although the uncertain corona situation may have a negative impact on the mental health of some individuals, this isn’t the case for all people. Optimism and pessimism are conceptualized as important constructs in coping with uncontrollable life events.

Not only individual behaviour is influenced by the virus, but group behaviour is affected as well. In many European countries, groups of people started protesting against the corona measures, while at first everyone was willing to follow the rules. How can the behaviour of a group of people suddenly change so fast?

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