Restore a protein balance

Restore a protein balance

People frequently ask themselves : where would I find my protein if I don’t eat meat anymore ?

In fact, protein are easy to find in a plant-based diet. Beans, peas, lentils or yet chickpeas are all possibilities that contain good nutritional values. Maybe everything was just a question of balance ? The Green Protein Alliance is a Dutch organization that promotes a more balanced diet between animal proteins, and plant-based proteins.

The benefits of eating more vegetal products are multiple. It maintains us in better health, provides the Earth a new breath and saves the lives of many sentient beings.

Indeed, a plant-based diet offers a whole range of health benefits. It contains lots of unsaturated fats, and less cholesterol. We run a lower risk of cardiovascular disease if we eat less meat and more legumes, vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. That’s why it’s important not just to take meat and dairy off of our diet, but also to replace it with products that have to same nutritional apport.

Focusing consumption on plants also means that the hole livestock production part become less significant. The meat and dairy industry is huge, and has an ecological footprint as fat as a beef fattened in an intensive farm nowadays. Tons of plants crops are dedicated to feed the livestock, which is dedicated to feed us. Why not skip a step and eat directly from plant crops ? The least polluting ecological impact is the one we don’t produce.

This podcast focuses on the importance of restoring such a balance between animal and plant-based diet, in a sustainable and ecological way. Let’s dive into it !

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