From Ukraine to Poland: Andrii Avramkin’s journey through Europe

From Ukraine to Poland: Andrii Avramkin’s journey through Europe

"Ukrainian Flag" Photo: Silke van den Broek

Before the 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia there were already over two million people that had left the country, some due to the annexation of Crimea or the war in the Donbas, both of which are aspacts of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

But like any other country EU or non-EU there are also young people who simply want to explore the world and expand their knowledge. One of these individuals is Andrii Avramkin, a now 28-year-old Ukrainian who traveled the world from 2015 and lived in a number of different countries including Malta, Georgia and Turkey.

During his travels, his English improved and he gained insights into the cultural differences among these countries compared to his life in Ukraine. While his family still resides in a town close to Lviv, he has now settled in Wroclaw. Poland, where he is building a career in IT. First you’ll get to know more about Andrii himself and why he left Ukraine.

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Silke van den Broek

My name is Silke van den Broek, and I'm a 23-year-old student from Arnhem, the Netherlands. My primary field of study is built environment but I've taken a unique detour by enrolling in a minor course in cross-border journalism in Utrecht. With this minor I'd like to enhance my journalistic skills and gain a deeper understanding of the European Union and it's complex issues. In my free time I find joy in playing the violin and spending time in the vibrant city of Arnhem.