Creative business connecting people: Creating emotions throughout lights

Creative business connecting people: Creating emotions throughout lights

Nowadays, people tend to be more divided than united. It is easy to see why, because of the COVID-19 regulations. Brands are no strangers to social. But, by and large, brands have only just begun to introduce the value of truly connecting with consumers and treating social as more than a channel for promotion. There are as many alternative definitions for the phrase “touch point” in client expertise style and promoting as there are colors on a car selling point brochure.

Since not long ago, people started to be attracted by interactive experiences. They started to feel the need to interact again with physical products.

Visitor interacting with the water projection panel.

On October 12th, 2021, the biggest event of publicity, FESPA, took place in Amsterdam where one of the biggest companies that work in the field that creates interactivity, Vivalyte, had the opportunity to show to the people their interactive products. One of the biggest struggles in the past, and still some of the companies have this issue, is that: “everything was mass producted, it was too standard”, which means the creativity was left apart from the process.

Lei Li Managing Director

Lei Li the managing director of Vivalyte company, explained that the new techniques to make services more appealing to the customer is to: “use the conversion of the digital technology”. People don’t need to interact with an innovative service that is complicated: “in our definition the technology doesn’t have to be complex and expensive”.

Vivalyte offers a wide LED product range for Signage and Neon operations. Quality, invention and flexible service are our crucial values. They are continuously working on the newest technologies that deliver strong return on investment. Thanks to numerous times of devoted invention, Vivalyte has successfully created a solid character in the signage assiduity.

The technology behing everything

Nowadays the mission of any service is to “make the consumer understand what is the brand, the product, the experience of the stuff”.

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