The EU: A Remaining Enigma

The EU: A Remaining Enigma

Image: Mirka van der Boom

Long-term forecasting of the future of any nation on earth is a difficult job. This applies to every nation on the planet. But try to picture figuring out where the European Union, a massive sleeping geopolitical giant, is headed in the future. A poll conducted by the European Parliament found that 44 percent of people in Europe are clueless about how the European Union functions. There is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the EU is an incredibly complicated bureaucracy. Its institutional architecture, decision-making methods, and regulatory regulations are complicated, complex, and poorly understood.

The European Union, which comprises 27 member states, is a semi-sovereign body that is stuck in geopolitical limbo. The EU is too weak to be acknowledged as one big state, but too strong to be disregarded as merely a free trade institute.

It is not surprising that navigating the EU can feel like being lost in a maze due to its complexity. However, Suleyman Aslami, who formerly served as the Head of Office for MEP Samira Rafaela, is in agreement that the European Union ought to have a greater presence on social media and investigate methods that will make choices understandable by not only to older but also to younger audiences.

So, what exactly goes on behind closed doors, why should you vote even though the EU seems like a giant, and is it the EU’s fault that it is hard to understand what the EU actually is?

This podcast will consist of rambling with two guests about how mysterious the EU is.

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