Even a utopia needs laws, the MetaVerse

Even a utopia needs laws, the MetaVerse

A virtual representation of the world as we know it and more, better known as the MetaVerse. It’s popular because of its limitless options. Worlds that can be created, things you can do, and make, and how it can be developed over the years. All fun and games, but we might need rules and laws there as well. Because even though the MetaVerse sounds perfect, it might not be.

Let’s take a step back first

AI, better known as Artificial Intelligence has developed itself immensely in the past years. So much so that we are now able to step into an artificial world. The MetaVerse is now in its experimental phase. So yes, it’s here already but for now just to play games, look at movies, and chat with some people. But in the future, this is meant to grow immensely. It could be for example used to apply for a new passport or visit the doctor. what about the less fun parts? 

Because a life similar to life as we know it may also need the rules and laws as we know it. Multiple allegations of assault and rape have already been issued. Hugo van Aardenne a lawyer specialized in cyber security and cybercrime says that something noticeable about technology and laws is that lawmaking is almost always slower than technological development. This means that when laws are finally here technology is usually already ten steps further. That’s why it’s hard to keep up. There are some rules, but not enough yet. What Hugo says is that a lot of the laws in real life are the same as rules in the virtual world. For example, identity theft and fraud are still punishable even though they’re online. But the rules are still vague, and how do you track someone who stole your identity when he logs off or changes his username? 

Next to that, people also don’t really know what happens to their information. When using a VR-headset for example you are asked to accept or decline a lot of ‘cookies’ about your privacy, and how they are allowed to use your data. A lot of people, out of habit, accept. But the information that is collected when using your headset is different from when you use your laptop. When using the headset the cameras take in all your surroundings and movements. This gives insight in your home for example. Not something you would maybe want thieves to get a hold of.

But the MetaVerse is certainly not onlt negative as mentioned before there are also a lot of postive sides to it. But, it’s also not a utopia. Or maybe it is a utopia, but just with laws.

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