Author: Lily Sophie Maigret

#NOORstories, photos of the fight for our climate!

Everyone shares everything nowadays. What we at NOOR find really important is to share a story with our photos. It’s essentially the core of NOOR. Now we want you to tell a story, one of the most important ones; about climate change. But don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution post it with #NOORstories, a way of showing how you are participating in helping the climate. 

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Even a utopia needs laws, the MetaVerse

A virtual representation of the world as we know it and more, better known as the MetaVerse. It’s popular because of its limitless options. Worlds that can be created, things you can do, and make, and how it can be developed over the years. All fun and games, but we might need rules and laws there as well. Because even though the MetaVerse sounds perfect, it might not be.

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