#NOORstories, photos of the fight for our climate!

#NOORstories, photos of the fight for our climate!

Everyone shares everything nowadays. What we at NOOR find really important is to share a story with our photos. It’s essentially the core of NOOR. Now we want you to tell a story, one of the most important ones; about climate change. But don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution post it with #NOORstories, a way of showing how you are participating in helping the climate. 

The proces

We at NOOR really wanted to do something with climate change. There have been a couple of photo series, Khadir did the Rising Tides series, and we also had The Cuban Solution, but we wanted something that would inspire actual change. But there was some creativity necessary for that to work. A lot of ideas went over the table, but we realized that social media is something that’s already being used as the place to influence, and be influenced. 

So, people can also influence each other to participate in making change. We thought it would be a great initiative for people to share their stories. For example, you could share that you’re taking the bike more often to reduce emissions, that you’re helping to plant trees or that you’re eating less meat. This can inspire people to also try that veggie recipe, or also use the bike. With the hashtag #NOORstories we want people to share their stories. Inspiring each other to make these kinds of steps can actually already make a big change. It starts with something small, but together you make a huge impact. 

Enthusiasm or skepticism for the plan

But when there’s a plan, it’s never fully certain how people will react. So we went out and asked what people thought of it, and about climate change. Quite a lot of people were sometimes scared or anxious about climate change, 76,8% of the people we asked to be exact. 

Most people would want to share their pictures and stories about the climate with others because they want to make an impact. Some of the positive responses we got were things like;  “Stories are accessible and easy to do.”, “It’s for a good cause” and “It’s lowkey and easily implemented in your life.” Some people said they weren’t that active on social media. But they would maybe be convinced if a lot of other people joined as well. 

Make that change

So now we focus on the people who want to participate, because as we said before even if you start with something small, doing it together is where you make an impact. 

So are you one of the ones who’s going to make that change? Post what you do for the environment on Instagram with the #NOORstories, and make the world a better place. We will look at all your posts and repost the best one on the Stories For Change Instagram account (@stories_forchange). Help the planet, inspire others, make a change.

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