Author: Roos Verbrugh

Shots fired: school shootings leave the US dealing with another epidemic

November 30 2021, a student at Oxford High School in Michigan killed four students in a shooting. The suspect, 15-year old Ethan Crumbley, also left seven others injured, making it the deadliest school shooting since may 2018. This recent shooting belongs to a collection of many similar incidents, taking place all over the US. It awakens a deep-rooted discussion in the American society, but talks about gun control shoot down any possibility of a solution; gun violence is part and parcel of American life.

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Despite controversial laws, young Hungarians are not afraid to speak out

The streets of Hungary’s capital Budapest carry a sense of anger and rebellion. Is this due to the discussion about the alarming climate or the issue of rights of minorities and the diminishing of liberal rights? These policies matter most to the young hungarians that have been living under immense pressure. It seems that they have gathered to speak up, but can they speak their mind freely in a country where freedom of expression is not evident? 

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