The growth of thrombosis in youth due to the lack of physical exercise

The growth of thrombosis in youth due to the lack of physical exercise

The European Thrombosis and Hemostasis Alliance (ETHA) stands together to work as decision makers to provide input into EU health and curb the cases.

Thrombosis is one of the top three cardiovascular killer disease. It consists in the formation of a potentially deadly blood clots in an artery or vein. It is underlying cause of heart attack, thromboembolic stroke, and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

This illness has always been related to old age. That is why doctors like Dr.Sancho, an angiologist and vascular surgeon of the Clínica Corachan in Barcelona, are surprised with the amount of young people that arrive to the hospital looking for help:

“We are seeing unexpected thrombosis in young people of all ages after Covid 19. Specially among young people between 17 and 30 years old.”

Covid’s confinement in 2020 changed people’s habits, to a great extent, generating more sedentary lives. This fact led to cases of unexpected thrombosis over the past three years because a part of  the European population did not care about the main reason why physical exercise is vital: blood pumping.

“The vast majority of young people do not know how to prevent this issue until they suffer it” 

If youth join sedentarism with bad habits such as smoke, consuming weed, taking steroids or even taking contraceptive pills can suddenly  suffer thrombosis.  Moreover, according to the Spanish Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis it has been estimated that adolescents spend an average of 8 hours a day watching television and 13 hours playing video games or participating in other digital activities rather than moving and doing exercise outside.

“When a young person suffers a thrombosis it is important to react serenely. In the UE there are incredible health systems and amazing public hospitals where people are attended correctly and efficiently. So anytime a young person notices some swelling in the leg do not hesitate to ask because if the problem is founded immediately (within 24 to 48 hours) a treatment can be done to undo the clot with anticoagulants such as Heparin or Lixiana ”.

However, the best way to do not suffer thrombosis is to have a healthy life. Young people should avoid these bad habits and start to enjoy doing sport. It is important to do daily exercise of about 30 – 60 minutes combining strength and cardio habits and why not, if possible, practicing it outside with some friends away from digitalization and laziness.

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