Prices of student housing are rising

Prices of student housing are rising

Rising prices for student housing

Studying is a big part in many peoples lives. A lot of people make use of the option to go live in a student house, for multiple reasons: you could live very far from your university or you want to take your first steps in adult life.

But this is getting more and more difficult, as the prices of these student accommodations are rising at a speed never seen before. A lot of people have to let the opportunity pass by and stay at home for a few more years, even if that means finding a new course to study, at a university closer to home.

This crisis is happening all over Europe. To dive deeper in to this situation, I travelled to Brussels to finds out how they are dealing with this situation and maybe learn a few lessons on how other places can implement changes.

In Brussels I spoke with a student who has experiences trouble finding a place to stay. I also had a conversation with the president of the Flemish Student Union to fins out what this organization is doing to try and put an end to this crisis.

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